Our Values

CAN Group continuously provide high quality services with a culture focused on delivering Safety, Integrity and Certainty.


The first principle in everything we do. Safety is of paramount importance to us; not only working safely but making safety intrinsic to our clients operations. From people to processes, we strive to create a safer environment for everyone to work in. Our key objective is to protect our people, the environment, our assets and those of our clients.


Our benchmark ethic, independent professionalism. CAN Group seek to ensure the integrity of our clients operations and assets. To achieve this, we do not compromise on the high standards of quality and integrity in our work. We act professionally in all our activities, working honestly and in line with responsible business policies and practices. To us, working with integrity is a principle that defines all our activities.


Delivering on our commitments as we strive to be our clients' first and repeated choice. When working in such a risk averse industry, CAN Group offers clients certainty across our full range of services and within the areas we manage. We have a strong customer focus as we identify and respond to our clients' needs; continuously improving our services which in turn improves the service our clients receive.

Our core values provide the foundation for the transparent relationships we form with our clients, adding greater certainty in the services we provide.